What does Ulster County have to offer?

The answers would vary if one asked people on the street what drew them to Ulster County. Some were born here. Some came here for college and never left. Others settled here for jobs and decided to stay even when their employers relocated elsewhere. There are the leafpeepers, rockclimbers and their ilk, the politically conscious and the spiritually aware. It’s reasonable to expect six or more opinions if you ask four people what the best parts of Ulster County are.

What do the people who are paid to promote the county think are its best assets? Rick Remsnyder, who directs the county’s tourism department, has no difficulty finding good things to say about our local treasures. He often goes to travel trade shows, and a lot of what he does for a living is to sing about what’s unsung, and encourage people to visit and see for themselves. “Ulster County is a four-season destination,” he explained. “All of our advertising and marketing is geared towards getting people to come here twelve months out of the year. It’s such a special place to visit.”

“A lot of people have no concept of upstate beyond Westchester,” said Ward Todd, who is president of the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce. “It’s almost like being a used-car salesman. If you can get them in the seat, they will be much more likely to buy.” Todd believes that the work done in the county tourism office has been instrumental in raising awareness and thereby driving in the tourism dollars.

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