• View from Franny Reese State Park

The town of Lloyd rests right on the Hudson River and lies halfway between New York City and Albany. It is where the mountains meet the river. Lloyd also serves as a point of connection from the east and west shores via the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge. Well-known within the town of Lloyd is the hamlet of Highland. This is also the home to the Walkway Over the Hudson, the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge, as well as Rocking Horse Ranch Resort, one of the top family resorts in the country. 

Explore several craft beverage tours, orchards, kayaking, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Lying quietly to the west of Highland is the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, a family-friendly jewel of a trail that stretches from the hamlet of Highland westward toward New Paltz. The sun sparkles off the nearby creeks and ponds, the forest climbs the surrounding Illinois Mountain and the pleasures of enjoying the tranquil beauty and splendor of the countryside on a broad and level path await you. Come and explore the nearby wineries, orchards and riverside walks of Lloyd, Marlborough, Esopus, Gardiner and New Paltz.