A Trio of Buster Keaton Films: Sherlock Jr., Cops & The Playhouse

In this short but cinematic thrilling tale, Buster plays a projectionist at a local movie house who aspires to be a great detective. When he is falsely accused of stealing a watch that belongs to his girlfriend's father, his attempts to solve the case fail and he is banished from her house. He slinks back to the movie theater and dreams why life can't be like the movies. At this point is the famous Projectionist Booth Scene which film critic David Kalat calls “not only the most celebrated moment in the film, but the most spectacular sequences in all silent cinema.” Also shown will be two Keaton film shorts: 'Cops' and 'The Playhouse' Silent Film with live accompaniment by Marta Waterman.

Sunday, December 5, 2021 - 2 pm
The Rosendale Theatre
408 Main Street

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