Jeremy Cloake in Concert with Ev Mann and Thomas Workman plus and afternoon workshop on Traditional Musical Instruments

It is a rare and special opportunity to have New Zealand born multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Cloake, of Maori and Celtic descent, come to share with us his skills and insider knowledge of the music and instruments of three rich and unique cultures. Ev Mann and Thomas Workman will join Jeremy for an evening of eclectic multi-cultural music.

As a performer, composer, master instrument maker and teacher, Jeremy specializes in instruments such as yidaki (didgeridoo), kamale n’goni (West African 10 string harp) and taonga puoro or “singing treasures”, the traditional instruments of the Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

For the past 15 years Jeremy has been teaching and performing internationally at concerts, festivals, museums, ethnomusicology schools and various other events. Jeremy has performed and delivered workshops throughout Europe, the UK, Iceland, Japan, Australia and the Pacific. He believes that music is the master language that we all share and has chosen it as the vehicle for his values.

Thomas Workman is on a path of exploration of sound and music that has taken six decades, with an emphasis on ancient and folkloric instruments of natural materials. Didjeridu, flutes of bamboo, bone and wood, nose flutes, conch shells, kamale n’goni, hulusi and khomus are among his many wind, string and percussion instruments. He has performed with Steve Gorn, Roswell Rudd, John Medeski, Club D’elf, Peter Blum and Arm-of-the-Sea Theater.

Evry Mann’s professional career as a percussionist began in 1975 and is featured on seventeen recordings. He was an artist in residence with the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico for six years, performing throughout the country. Ev is the founder and director of POOK, the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston, a youth performance ensemble that has given hundreds of concerts since its inception in 1997.

Music Workshop with Jeremy Cloake on N’goni (West African Rhythm Harp), Yidaki (didgeridoo) and Traditional Maori Musical Instruments
Saturday, July 28
3-5 p.m. Call for fees.

Anyone can play n’goni... Because of the pentatonic tuning, it is impossible to play a ‘bad’ note. This course is suited for beginner and intermediate students. You will be taught everything about looking after your n’goni, including tuning scales and maintenance. The course will then continue with playing techniques, several dexterity patterns and rhythms. This course gives you the foundation understanding of n'goni and several ways to develop your own n'goni playing. Men and women are welcome, limited to 20 participants. N'goni can be supplied if needed. There are only five Resonance N’goni available, with free hire for early bird subscribers. Jeremy will also introduce the basic Yidaki and Traditional Maori Musical Instruments, Taonga Puoro (Singing Treasures) to everyone.

New Zealand born artist Jeremy Cloake works internationally as a world musical instrument teacher, instrument maker, world music composer, sound engineer and meditation teacher. He is a multi-instrumentalist who specialises in several world musical instruments; the yidaki, the n’goni and taonga puoro. He also plays several percussion instruments. Jeremy has been teaching internationally since 2001 and is well known as one of the worlds foremost non-Aboriginal yidaki players and experts on the subject. He is a player and teacher of n’goni, plus he makes what are regarded as the finest n’goni available. Jeremy is also a specialist carver and player of taonga puoro, traditional New Zealand Maori musical instruments. His classes are fun, enjoyable and very informative. He has a reputation as a kind and generous person with a love of travel, people, culture and consciousness.

Saturday, July 28, 2018 - 8 pm
MaMA, Marbletown Multi-Arts
3588 Main St.
Stone Ridge