The High Falls Civic Association Presents: LET THERE BE LIGHT!

We will be lighting the tree and the menorah this year. But we need your help to make it safe and celebratory. For the first time in more than 60 years, we will have no public gathering. The tree and menorah will be lighted. But, delight in the surprise – we are not revealing the date.  When the lights are on, that’s when you take center stage! Come and take a picture of yourself, your covid pod of family and friends enjoying the lights.  Wear masks or unmask with those you live with and trust. We must limit the number of people together in the cold. Santas and reindeer welcome. Pictures of just you plain and simple or adorned and crazy. You can take videos, you can dance and sing or just stand, grateful for our tree and menorah, the meaning they represent, our community, our hamlet, our collective good will.  Share with everyone. Take your picture. Send it in an email to:  We will also have a QR code at the  tree for you to scan the image directly upload it to us. Spread the word and spread the light. Please let friends and neighbors know the lights are on in High Falls and that we want to be together anyway we can this year. Tell them to email photos or add them to our FB / Instagram sites and yours. Itinerary for Peace, Joy and Well-being. Combine your drive by photo with a trip to the grocery store to fill a bag for the Food Pantry. Or, bring your Toys for Tots to the High Falls Fire House for their drive by donation and accept one of their treats of sweets.  Make a reservation for distanced dining or take out at one of our local eateries.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 10 am to 8 pm
High Falls Civic Association
High Falls

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