Continuums at Peace Nation Cafe in Kingston

Combining his love of non-objective painting with linear figurative forms, Queens   New York native Domingo Carrasco has partnered with Peace Nation to  present  his   series of recent works.  Continuums   celebrates color and form from an abstract modernist standpoint. This body of works attempts to idealize the human spirit whilst  emphasizing Domingo’s fascination with  color. Through bold line and color, Continuums  captures the artists’ struggles as he seeks to tame the physical properties of the paint without compromising the narrative element of the work.  Upon closer inspection, one can sense that Domingo is simplifying,  exaggerating, and, at times, abstracting his pictures to evoke alternative perspectives from his  audience.        

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 6 pm
Peace Nation Cafe
636 Broadway
(845) 514-2561