Catskills Trout Tales: Sporting Legends of the Catskills at the Angler's Parlor



As part of the Catskills Trout Tales calendar, join us for a talk in the Sporting Legends of the Catskills at the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection series.

Austin McK Francis and Bethia Waterman will lead a discussion of the history and origins of Catskill sporting clubs and preserves, both public and private that parallels the rise of the American conservation movement. By the late nineteenth century overharvesting of fish and game, water pollution and deforestation caused by the tanning and other industrial uses, as well as the abandonment of overworked farms, and lack of regulations led to dramatic changes in the populations of fish and game throughout the Catskills. The rising consciousness of a need to protect and conserve the water, forests and wildlife in the Catskills led to the creation of  Phoenicia Fish and Game, Upper Esopus Rod and Gun, and Stony Clove Rod and Gun in Shandaken. A hundred years ago these groups of sportsmen became advocates and activists leading the way for local citizens to become involved in the conservation of their local natural environment. We will celebrate their colorful, rebellious, and occasionally blasphemous history.

Sunday, April 28
1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection, The Phoenicia Library
Phoenicia, NY


Catskills Trout Tales is a regional invitation to explore the Catskills in April and May, with over 50 events and offerings.

Saturday, April 28, 2018 -
1 pm to 5 pm
Phoenicia Library
48 Main Street