The Borscht Belt Book Talk and Signing in Cragsmoor

In THE BORSCHT BELT, Catskills photographer, Marisa Scheinfeld, uncovers the forgotten world of this once vibrant vacation destination in her dramatic and evocative photographs. In the prologue, she states,“On the deserted grounds of these former retreats I have found an enchanting solitude—a seclusion that is empty and uncontrolled. Yet the stillness is deceptive. What appears to be abandoned is actually full of life and activity. One act of animated history has ended, but, as any visitor to these sites quickly learns, new acts have begun. Guest rooms have become sanctuaries for birds. Leafy ferns have pushed their way through foundations and floors. Overgrown shrubs and tangled weeds have swallowed staircases.”  Presenting over one hundred stunning images of dozens of hotel and bungalow sites, this new book takes the viewer deep into the heart of the lost world of the Borscht Belt. Seeing in dramatic and rich full color the ruins of what were once vibrant hubs of human activity evokes curious emotions and feelings, both light and dark. The historic art colony of Cragsmoor is located on top of the Shawangunk Ridge off Route 52 between Ellenville and Pine Bush.



Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 4:30pm
Cragsmoor Historical Society
349 Cragsmoor Road