Matthewis Persen House

Named after its longest resident, Matthewis Persen, the Persen House is located within Kingston's Stockade National Historic District. Its earliest portions date from c.1661 and it is one of four landmark buildings on each corner of John and Crown Streets. 17th Century records from the Dutch Court of Wiltwyck, showing appearances of Jan Jendrickse, the ancestor of the Persen Family, as well as deeds and records tracing ownership of the house from Robert Bickerstaff in1689 to its purchase by the county of Ulster in 1914 are currently on display along with selected artifacts dating back to 1200 BC found in archeological digs that have taken place in and around the site. Open 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Tuesday - Saturday; free admission.

74 John St.